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Ooo lookit me being all first to comment, I feel so BIG. Ahem. Lookit wee you with your groovy Obi lightsaber and Spidey mask and being all arsonist. Tis utterly fabulous dear girl! ^^
Awww, you should do the First Comment Dance! *g* I do take my movies rather seriously...
*does First Comment Dance and mini-waves in celebration of YOU!* Well, don't we all. Especially the comic ones XD I expect more Xovers when I return missy! Spidey/Johnny kissage!!
Okay! I've been trying to think up a nifty plot... I think I got one I shall be working on now ^_^

*does x-over dance*
*i'm* pink *is confused >_<*

Re: waaaaaaah


11 years ago


Oh lords Sena, these are brilliant! But please don't play with fire, I dun want u to get hurt o_O!

Please do more soooooooon!
I was gonna be the Human Torch! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *has lighter confiscated* Awww...


July 15 2005, 14:32:54 UTC 11 years ago

Wooo! You go Human Torch!
Sorry, that annon was me! Stupid LJ logged me out!
God, i hate how lj is doing that lately!

Heheh, flame on sena!!



11 years ago

Re: ahhhhhh


11 years ago


11 years ago

I never thought I'd say this, but Greg is so cute. And you do look good in Jedi getup, dudette.

I love the barely patient look on Cath's face ^_^ And the way that her bag overshadows everything else in that frame. And I rock there, naturally. All your friends should love me for saving you from winning the Darwin award, there.
I personally love the "NOOOOO!!!" expression on your face ^_^

You're hillarious. Oh how we love you Sena.

I'm not planning on picking up HP6 in costume... nooooo
You are cwazy.
bwaha. You already heard my giggles and praise last night, wench.

But this is so totally wunderbar.
We are starring in Flash Mooaah, Flash Mooaaah ist Wunderbar...
and can I be in it? I must have done something noteworthy lately... what about helping you cook b&e pie?
feeding you regularly, shoulder to cry on, or just my general wonderfulness?

looking good kid, keep it up!
The next one is whenever I chose to do one, maybe possibly tonight, maybe tomorrow, dunno. I'll be using the tablet tonight anyway, I could do it then.

and you being in it... hmmm... *thinks up plot*
OMG! You play with your lighter baby!


nsoi hfosi vbsd iuvbi *humps johnnys flaming legs*
You wanna flame mmeeee????
Aaaw man! Sena do more! Do more! They're so cute and entertaining and pretty. DRAW FOR ME MONKEY!
Wat the hell, where did you come from?
The ether!


11 years ago